Curaçao Unveils NOOGH License & LOK Regulations for iGaming Sector

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Attention iGaming professionals, the regulatory landscape in Curaçao is transforming!

The opportunity to apply for the NOOGH master license is around the corner, with new regulations set to redefine the gaming sector.

Navigate the new LOK framework with ease and maintain your competitive edge by staying compliant with the upcoming regulatory requirements.

Keep abreast of the latest changes with iGaming Express, your guide through Curaçao’s regulatory evolution, and contact us for expert advice.

Latest Developments from Curaçao

Significant Dates to Remember:

  • November 15, 2023: The application process for the coveted NOOGH master license commences, signaling a new era in Curaçao’s iGaming regulation.
  • April 2024: The much-anticipated LOK legislative framework goes live. Entities with NOOGH sub-licenses must initiate a phased transition within a nine-month window, while others have a shorter span of three months to adapt.
  • September 2024: Deadline for LOK exemptions, ushering in the conclusion of the master license tradition in Curaçao.

Licensing Fees Overview:

  • Projected Annual Licensing Expenses: ANG 120,000.00 / Estimated EUR 63,000.00 / GBP 55,000.00.

Strategic Insights:

For those with sub-licenses, it’s imperative to stay updated with the LOK legislation to ensure a seamless transition within the stipulated three-month period. Prospective licensees may consider securing a license through existing non-NOOGH master license holders as a cost-effective interim solution before the LOK framework’s enforcement. However, prepare for a mandatory switch to a LOK license within the same timeframe post-enactment.

As the Curaçao landscape evolves, those holding or seeking licenses must consider these alternatives. Anjouan and Kahnawake offer different benefits that may align with various business models and strategic goals. Now is the opportune moment for operators to evaluate these options and initiate the transition or application process well before the September 2024 deadline.

Stay informed and in compliance with iGaming Express and reach out for bespoke queries and support!

(Note: The details provided herein are subject to change and should be regarded as indicative until confirmed. Rest assured, timely updates will follow as more detailed information becomes available.)

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