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How to obtain the Curacao gambling license in 2024?

Obtaining a Curacao gaming license in 2024 involves the following steps:

  1. Company Registration: Must have a legally established presence in Curacao.
  2. Local Representation: A local agent or representative must be accessible.
  3. Games Descriptions: Provide detailed information about the games offered.
  4. Website Compliance: Terms of Use for your gaming site must be clearly defined.
  5. Domain Ownership: Proof of domain name ownership is required.
  6. Server Presence: At least one server must be physically located within Curacao.
  7. AML Protocols: Implement Anti-Money Laundering procedures for all players.
  8. Technical Audit: Undergo a comprehensive audit of gaming systems and software.
  9. RNG Certification: Secure a certificate for the Random Number Generator used in games.
  10. Restricted Users: Policies to prevent registration by minors, US residents, and individuals from the Dutch Antilles.

After completing the regulation timeline, you’ll have additional tasks such as opening bank accounts, setting up merchant accounts, finding an online casino white label solution, opening a gaming bank account, marketing, and more. But don’t worry; iGaming Express will assist you in handling all these aspects.

To apply for the Curacao gaming license, your company must provide various documents proving its residence in Curacao, along with credentials and identities of company officials and owners. iGaming Express will handle the submission of these documents on your behalf and guide you through any specific requirements based on your circumstances.

Document Checklist for Application:

  • Notarized passport copies (photo and signature pages).
  • Certificate of clean criminal record.
  • Proof of address, such as an original utility bill.
  • CVs or resumes of key executives and compliance officers.
  • Core business documents (e.g., Terms of Service).

Application Submission Process:

The application is conducted online, involving the completion and submission of three key forms:

  1. Online Gaming Application Form
  2. Business and Corporate Information Form
  3. Personal History Disclosure Form

Applicants must compile these filled forms along with the requisite documents and upload them to the designated portal.

Review and Approval Timeline:

The regulatory review process typically spans about two months. During this period, the regulatory body conducts an exhaustive evaluation of the submitted documents, the company’s financial stability, certificate verifications, and AML practices.

Successful completion of this detailed review results in the issuance of a license, granting the holder the right to operate within Curacao’s jurisdiction for one year. Keeping abreast of all required steps and meticulously preparing for the application significantly enhances the chances of obtaining the license efficiently and effectively.

What is the price of a Curacao gambling license?

Due Diligence3,600Compliance, KYC, and UBO audit
Incorporation7,800Incorporate a company in Curacao
Office7,500Shared Office
Local Director6,500Local Direct
License Fee19,400Annual Fee
License Fee3,600Monthly fee
Domain Fee270Included in license (up to 40 domains; every additional domain beyond that is 270)
Banking2,500Search for accepting banks within the EU
Incorporation3,650Incorporate a business in EU for banking contracts
EMI2,500To allow for receiving of PSP funds
PSP3,500Open PSP accounts for processing money transfers to and from gaming customers

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  • Speedy Licensing Process: The complete licensing process takes just 2-3 weeks with iGaming Express, allowing you to start your gaming operations quickly and efficiently.
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  • Simple and Smooth Process: Our licensing process is designed to be smooth and straightforward, minimizing any complexities or hurdles for you.
  • Reliable Turnkey Solution: iGaming Express offers a reliable full turnkey solution, taking care of all the necessary steps to obtain your gaming license.
  • Hassle-Free Experience: Choosing iGaming Express means you won’t have to worry about the intricacies of the licensing process – we handle it all for you.
  • Personalized Account Manager: A dedicated professional account manager will be assigned to assist you throughout the licensing journey, providing personalized support.
  • Additional Services: We go beyond just licensing; our assistance extends to helping you with opening bank accounts and payment service providers, streamlining your setup process.

With iGaming Express, you can trust in a competent and experienced partner to facilitate the licensing process and ensure a seamless experience, allowing you to focus on your gaming business’s success.

Document Submission and Guidance for Curacao Gaming License Application

To apply for a Curacao gaming license, a company must provide certain documentation to establish its residency in Curacao, demonstrate its good business standing, and present credentials of its owners and managers. These necessary documents will be handled by iGaming Express, acting on your behalf. The specific requirements may vary depending on your situation, but iGaming Express will guide you through the appropriate steps for each case.

Here is a list of the required documents:

  • Proof of Identity: Certified copies of the passport(s) of the company’s UBOs (Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s)) and other officers.
  • Proof of Address: Recent utility bills (Electricity, landline telephone, TV, Cable) or a bank statement not older than three months. Alternatively, an official government correspondence showing the company’s street address (not POB) can be provided.
  • Bank Reference Letter: A formal letter on the bank’s official letterhead, addressed to “To whom it may concern,” and signed by a bank representative, including their name and position.
  • Professional Reference Letter: A reference letter from a registered Lawyer or Accountant with whom you have had a business relationship for at least two years. The letter should be in English, include their name and position, and be signed.
  • Software Agreements: A comprehensive list of all current Gaming software agreements, providing the supplier’s name and business address.

iGaming Express will assist you in compiling and submitting these necessary documents based on your specific requirements for obtaining the Curacao gaming license.

Your company bears full responsibility for covering all expenses associated with the production of these documents, including any costs for translation and notarization, if deemed necessary.

Annual and Recurrent Curacao License Fees

Each year, there is a need to renew corporate and gaming licenses. The estimated costs for renewal are provided in the table below. Additionally, depending on the extra services required from IGAMING EXPRESS, there might be other annual charges.

License Fee19,400Annual Fee
License Fee3,600Monthly fee
Domain Fee270Included in license (up to 40 domains; every additional domain beyond that is 270)

Types of Curacao Gambling Licenses:

The two primary types of Curacao gambling licenses are business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-client (B2C) licenses.

Curacao Gaming License B2B: This license is suitable for software and service providers catering to the online gaming industry. Businesses with a B2B license can legally sell their products to other licensed operators without needing a separate permit. It offers financial benefits to those who want to avoid the time-consuming and costly process of obtaining their own license.

Curacao Gaming License B2C: For businesses providing online gaming services directly to customers, the B2C license is required. To obtain this license, companies need to meet prerequisites like having a physical presence on the island, offering safe and fair games, and demonstrating financial stability. Once acquired, businesses can legally offer online gaming services to customers worldwide.

Discover the Allure of Curacao for Online Casinos

If you are searching for the perfect location to establish a fully legal and reputable online casino, look no further than Curacao. As one of the oldest and most renowned gaming jurisdictions globally, Curacao boasts over 1,500 licensed online casinos, making it a sought-after destination for gaming ventures. Obtaining a Curacao online gambling license comes with several advantages, including affordability and straightforward annual maintenance costs.

Benefits of Curacao Licenses

  • Tax Advantages: Owners of Curacao-licensed casinos enjoy the perks of no Value Added Tax (VAT) and a low corporate income tax. Moreover, there are no taxes levied on bets, providing a favorable financial environment.
  • Progressive Legislative System: Curacao has a history of political stability and a forward-thinking legislative framework, making it an attractive choice for online gaming companies.
  • Established Infrastructure: The island offers high-quality telecom and internet facilities, supporting smooth and efficient online operations. Additionally, Curacao has a well-established financial services industry.

Curacao’s licensing advantages are detailed below:

Issuance of Curacao Gaming License

The Curacao Gaming Control Board (GCB) is the regulatory body responsible for issuing gaming licenses in Curacao. The online gaming industry was legalized in 1993, with licenses being issued by the Minister of Finance. Subsequently, the GCB was designated as the regulator for the online gaming sector and appointed as the AML/CFT supervisor for all gaming sectors in Curacao.

Types of Curacao Licenses

There are two main types of Curacao licenses:

  • Curacao Master Licenses: These licenses are valid for five years and have been issued sparingly by the Minister of Justice since 1996.
  • Curacao Sub-Licenses: Owned by holders of master licenses, sub-licenses remain valid as long as the master license is active. Currently, only sub-licenses are issued, and companies based in Curacao are eligible to obtain them.
  • Curacao NOOGH License: For fast-tracking Curacao License.
  • Curacao LOK License: New system entry waiting for the new LOK law.

Establishing Global e-Gaming Respect

Around the world, online gambling businesses are regulated by Gaming Control Boards or independent government bodies. These bodies have the authority to adjudicate civil cases related to gambling license regulations. Additionally, the International Association of Gaming Regulators, a voluntary international standards group, promotes effective gaming regulation through cooperation and liaison.

To gain a solid reputation in the global e-gaming industry, carefully consider the reputation of the country where your casino is based. With Curacao’s long-standing gaming history, progressive regulations, and established infrastructure, it stands out as an excellent choice for a reputable online casino venture.

Curacao’s Gambling Reputation and Advantages

Curacao holds a prominent position in the gambling world, backed by its own gaming authority, the Curacao Gaming Control Board. As an esteemed regulator of online gambling, it oversees the Curaçao gaming license requirements. With strong ties to the Netherlands and an independent constitutional government since 2010, Curacao enjoys a unique status as part of the EU without being in Europe, providing benefits without heavy taxing.

More than 1,500 companies have already chosen the Curacao betting license, demonstrating the demand for this jurisdiction and offering a robust platform to launch successful internet gaming sites. With determination and hard work, operators can excel and become industry leaders in the global markets.

Eligibility of Players on Curacao Online E-Gaming Sites

Curacao benefits from its EU status, allowing most EU members and external European countries, including EEC countries, to gamble on sites hosted there. However, there are a few restricted countries, such as Curacao itself, Belize, the UK, the USA, and some EU countries like Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

Cost of a Curacao E-Gaming License

Curacao offers three types of licenses: Master licenses, valid for five years and limited in number, Sub-licenses, linked to a master license and valid as long as the master license is active, and NOOGH license. Currently, only sub-licenses are available, permitting various gambling activities. The Curacao gaming license is affordable compared to other established gaming jurisdictions, with a price around €20,000. The NOOGH license costs approximately 63,000 Euro. It covers all types of games, including online casinos, slots, sports betting, eSports, lottery, and games of skill and chance.

Corporate Setup for Gambling Operators in Curacao

For e-gaming companies, a corporate setup in Curacao requires five essential components:

  • A Curacao-registered company holding an e-gaming sublicense.
  • A bank account accommodating high-risk payment processing companies.
  • A merchant account/payment service provider (PSP) optimized for i-gaming payment processing.
  • Associated EMI accounts channeling PSP transactions.
  • A holding company in the EU banking domain as the legal entity overseeing necessary financial accounts.
  • Gambling and Corporate Taxes in Curacao

Curacao imposes 0% tax on gross gaming revenue, making it one of the world’s lowest tax rates. Properly setting up the corporate structure allows operators to pay a minimal tax rate of just 2% on net corporate profit.

Banking and Payment Service Provider Services for Curacao Online Casinos

Unlike many high-risk e-gaming companies rejected by banks, Curacao’s reputation allows for successful operations. Additionally, its association with the EU positively impacts business operations, making it possible to set up the corporate banking structure within Europe. With expert assistance, operators can access EU-based payment processing agents and high-risk merchant account facilities for credit card transactions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Obtaining Your Curacao Gaming License with iGaming Express

  1. Incorporate and Register a New Company in Curacao: Establish a new company in Curacao as the starting point for your gaming operations.
  2. Incorporate a Holding Company in the EU: Create a holding company in the EU for banking and payment service provider (PSP) accounts, or use an existing company for banking purposes.
  3. Purchase a NOOGH License: Apply and obtain a NOOGH license from GCB and will allow you to conduct various gambling activities under their umbrella.
  4. Register Your Casino at CIGA: Register your casino with the Curacao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA) to comply with additional regulations.
  5. Expedited Approval Process: With iGaming Express’s expert service, approval can be achieved in a shorter timeframe, typically within six weeks.
  6. Open EMI/Merchant/PSP Accounts: Establish EMI (Electronic Money Institution), Merchant, and PSP accounts for efficient payment processing.

Obtaining a Gaming License in Curacao

To obtain a gaming license in Curacao, operators must apply to the Curacao Gaming Control Board (GCB), the government agency responsible for regulating the gaming industry. The application requires demonstrating financial stability, technical and operational capabilities, and compliance with relevant laws, including anti-money laundering and anti-fraud provisions. Regular license renewal and ongoing regulatory compliance are essential for maintaining the license.

Curacao eGaming Regulatory Body

Curacao eGaming is an independent regulatory body responsible for issuing and overseeing online gaming licenses. It regulates various areas such as online casinos, sports betting, and lottery systems. Companies seeking a Curacao eGaming license must meet specific requirements, including physical presence in Curacao, clean financial history, and commitment to fair play and responsible gaming. The license is recognized in several countries as a reputable license for online gaming businesses.

Application Process

Obtaining a Curacao betting or casino license involves a straightforward procedure. Applicants must submit an application, along with necessary documents and fees, to the government of Curacao. The submitted application undergoes a thorough review process, during which the government may request supplementary information if needed. Once approved, the government issues the license and provides instructions on its proper usage.

It is important to note that the legal status and regulations surrounding online gaming can differ depending on the jurisdiction. Therefore, it is essential to verify the specific requirements set by local authorities to ensure compliance with the appropriate regulations.

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What factors contribute to Curacao’s high ranking in the realm of online gaming?

Curacao stands out as a favored choice among online gamers due to its prominent reputation, which stems from the fact that the CIGA (Curacao Internet Gaming Association) acts as a stringent regulator, ensuring player protection and encouraging ethical dispute resolution measures. The authority diligently maintains fair governance over online gaming providers, preserving full paper audit trails for each player, including their personal information and transaction history.

What are the steps to obtain a Curacao gaming license?

To acquire a Curacao gaming license, you must fulfill the following requirements:
• Be the owner of a company registered and based in Curaçao.
• Appoint a local director or representative.
• Publish a comprehensive description of the games of chance to be offered.
• Disclose the rules for using the website.
• Possess ownership of an internet domain.
• Operate at least one physical server owned by the company located in Curaçao.
• Adhere to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures for all players.
• Allow for the auditing of all gaming systems and software.
• Sign a commitment not to register individuals under the age of 18, residents of the United States, the Netherlands, Curaçao, and other island territories.

What is the price of a Curacao gaming license?

The licensing cost is determined through negotiations with the owner of a Curaçao master gaming license. Due to high demand, driven in part by the global pandemic leading more people to turn to online gaming, the license cost may vary and is likely to increase. It is advisable to obtain your license at the earliest opportunity. At iGaming Express, we have established longstanding relationships with master license holders and will always strive to negotiate the most favorable price for our clients.

What are the functions or purposes of a gaming license?

To operate an online gaming website based in Curacao, owning a Curacao gaming sub-license is essential. This sub-license grants you the authorization to provide a comprehensive array of e-gambling services, encompassing online poker, baccarat, slot machines, sports betting, lottery, and more.

What is the process for obtaining a Curacao gaming license?

Our expert team can handle all the required processes to acquire a Curacao gaming license, as it’s only granted to companies registered in Curacao. We can assist with setting up your company, managing payments, and establishing banking accounts.

To apply for a sub-license, your company must meet specific essential criteria, which include:
• Full compliance with Due Diligence and KYC procedures.
• Complete identification of the Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s) (UBOs) of the company.
• Satisfactory references related to the UBOs.
• A comprehensive and transparent description of the games that will be offered.

Once these criteria are met, your company can proceed with registering its sub-license, enabling you to conduct internet gambling operations in Curaçao.

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