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Curacao is an island located in the southern Caribbean Sea and is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Tourism, e-commerce and the gambling industry – represent the vast majority of the country’s economy.

In 1993, the National Offshore Gambling Ordinance came into effect, legalizing online gambling, making Curacao the jurisdiction with the longest history of the iGaming industry. Starting in 1996, the authorities began to issue gambling licenses.

Due to the modern infrastructure and extremely favorable tax rates for business, Curacao is one of the most important offshore business centers, ideal for online gambling.

In 2019, the Government implemented a series of changes regarding gambling legislation. Thus, the Curacao Gaming Control Board has been appointed as the AML-CFT (Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism) supervisor for all gambling activities conducted in Curacao. Online gambling is regulated and supervised by the Ministry of Finance and the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

Unlike other jurisdictions, Curacao has a system based on different license classes. Thus, there are only two types of licenses: the master license and the sublicense. Master’s licenses are issued by the Ministry of Justice, while sub-licenses are issued by the companies that hold the master’s license.

Both master licenses and sub-licenses allow the holder to carry out all kinds of gambling activities.

Master licenses are valid for 5 years, and sublicenses are valid indefinitely as long as their master license remains valid.

In 1996, there were only 4 companies that applied for a master’s license. Now it is impossible to request a master license, which means that all potential operators interested in Curacao e-Gaming licenses request a sub-license from one of the master license holders. Each master license holder has its own policies regarding the handling of disputes between players and operators.

The 4 master licenses holders in Curacao are:

  • Cyberluck Curacao N.V. (Curacao-eGaming) #1668/JAZ
  • Gaming Curacao (GC) #365/JAZ
  • Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V. (CIL) #5536/JAZ
  • Antillephone NV #8048/JAZ

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1. Regulatory framework

Is there a Gambling Act in force?

Yes. National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard (Landsverordening buitengaatse hazardspelen, P.B. 1993, no. 63) (NOOGH) online gaming licenses are issued by or on behalf of the Governor of Curaçao

Is online gambling a regulated activity?


Are there gambling regulatory authorities?

Yes. The gambling regulatory authority is the Curacao Gaming Authority (CGA).

Are there e-gambling regulatory authorities?

Yes. The gambling regulatory authority is the Curacao Gaming Control Board (CGB).

Is there a regulatory regime for gambling advertising?


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2. Corporate structure and governance

Is it necessary to establish a company in Romania to carry out gambling activities?

Yes. The establishment of a commercial company in Curacao is necessary.

Is there a certain mandatory legal form of business to establish a gambling company?


Can foreign shareholders establish a local branch?


Are there any restrictions on foreign investment?


Are there minimum requirements regarding the share capital needed to establish a gaming company?


Can foreign citizens be part of the management of a gambling company?

Yes. There is no restriction regarding the citizenship of the company’s managers.

Apart from taxes, are there any other mandatory reporting requirements regarding the corporate governance issues of a gaming company?

Yes. Any change to the corporate structure (shareholders, share capital, directors/administrators, headquarters must be notified.

3. Licensing

Are gambling licensing clearly regulated by local regulations (including the licensing process, criteria, filing requirements, license conditions and ongoing compliance requirements)?

Yes. National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard (Landsverordening buitengaatse hazardspelen, P.B. 1993, no. 63) (NOOGH)

Licenses for different types of gambling.

Not. There are available 2 types of license: Master License and Sub-License. Holders of the licenses can provide any type of gambling activity.

Does a software developer creating video games for the gaming industry need a gaming license?

Yes. Companies providing services to the gaming industry, such as gaming software, hosting platforms and services, auditing and certification services, payment processing services, etc., must obtain a B2B license.

How long is valid the gambling license?

Master licenses are valid for 5 years, while sublicenses are valid indefinitely as long as their master license remains valid.

How long does it take to obtain a gambling license and authorization to operate gambling?

Approximately 4 weeks.

Is there a limit to the number of licenses that can be granted?

Yes. Currently there are just 4 master licenses. There is no limit on the number of sublicenses a master license holder can grant.

Are there specific licensing requirements?

Yes. Gambling operators must comply with a wide range of requirements to obtain and maintain a license. Such requirements refer to, but are not limited to, the company, the payment of license tax and other contributions, the good reputation and the absence of criminal records of the gambling operator and the directors and legal representatives of his etc.

4. Compliance

Are there mandatory AML rules in general and specific to the gambling industry?

Yes. The gaming industry operating in and from Curaçao is held to compliance with the National Ordinance on identification when rendering services (Landsverordening identificatie bij dienstverlening (LID), PB 2017, no. 92), and the National Ordinance on the reporting of unusual transactions (Landsverordening melding ongebruikelijke transacties (LMOT), PB 2017, no. 99).
With the publication of the National Decree supervisor identification when rendering services gaming sector (Landsbesluit toezichthouder identificatie bij dienstverlening kansspelsector, LB van 28 januari 2019, no. 19/0282) and the National Decree supervisor unusual transactions gaming sector (Landsbesluit toezichthouder ongebruikelijke transacties kansspelsector, LB van 28 januari 2019, no. 19/0283), the Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB) is tasked with the AML/CFT supervision of the gaming sector operating in and from Curaçao.

Are there specific reporting obligations for gambling companies regarding AML and data protection?

Yes. Gambling operators have the same AML/data protection reporting obligations as all other reporting entities.

5. Data protection

Are there specific data protection regulations?

Yes. GDPR and National ordinance personal data protection (Landsverordening bescherming persoonsgegevens, National Gazette 2010, Consolidated text no. 84) “(National Ordinance Personal Data Protection”).

Does it apply extraterritorially?

Yes. Just like the GDPR legislation.

Is there a data protection regulator?

Yes. This is called the Personal Data Protection Board.

6. Exchange control and other cross-border issues

Are there currency/exchange/finance controls to transfer cash in and out of the country?

Not. There are no limitations on transferring cash from or within the country.

7. Marketing and Advertising

Is marketing and advertising allowed in the gambling industry?

Yes. Marketing and advertising activities for gambling are carried out in accordance with the rules established in the gambling, advertising and audio-visual regulations.

Are there advertising restrictions for gambling companies?

Yes. The legislation in force presents the restrictions on when, where and to whom gambling can be marketed.

Can gambling companies sponsor sports events?


Are celebrities allowed to advertise gambling activities?


Are there CSR requirements for gambling companies?

Yes. All gambling operators must comply with responsible gambling principles/regulations. They must also make an annual financial contribution to a fund whose income is used to combat gambling addiction.

8. Tax

Is there any specific tax regime applicable to gambling companies?


Is there a tax implication for transferring cash out of the country?


Is there a tax implication for offering remote trading activities in the country?


Are there any other comments on the taxation of gambling activities (local and remote)?


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