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Why Anjouan Gambling License is an Ideal Choice for Emerging Online Gaming Enterprises

Conventionally, gambling startups tend to prioritize renowned jurisdictions like Curacao, Vanuatu, and Malta when considering licensing territories. While these jurisdictions provide licensing options, the procurement of a license can be expensive, complex, and time-consuming.

Securing an Anjouan gambling license is a prime recommendation for startups and entrepreneurs looking to pilot novel concepts or platforms. This approach reduces risk by starting with a lower-cost licensing jurisdiction and allows for subsequent choices about potential transitions to other licenses or acquiring additional ones.

Compared to other online gambling jurisdictions, the Anjouan license is distinctly beneficial for startups due to its affordability and efficient application process. The process of acquiring an Anjouan gambling license is relatively straightforward, making it an ideal choice for those aiming to establish an online footprint rapidly.

With an Anjouan gambling license, a single license suffices for launching an online casino that offers an array of casino games and gaming services. This adaptability is especially valuable for startups planning future expansion, such as introducing eSports betting, live casinos, slots apps, or a blend of different gaming options. Moreover, Anjouan presents attractive financial incentives, including a 0% gaming tax on gross gambling revenue, enhancing its appeal as a jurisdiction for online gambling enterprises. If you’re in search of a licensing option that is swift, uncomplicated, cost-effective, compliant, and provides favorable tax advantages for your online gambling venture, Anjouan is the jurisdiction for you. Reach out to us today to explore more about Anjouan licensing and to discuss your plans and objectives with a team boasting nearly 20 years of experience in assisting individuals like you.

What is the price of an Anjouan gambling license?

Due Diligence3,600             350-500Starting Fees for Annual Compliance and Due Diligence (for up to 4 Directors/Shareholders/UBOs)  
Mandatory for Corporate Establishment,
License Application & Ongoing Maintenance  
For More Complex Structures: Supplemental Due Diligence Fees, per individual subject
Gaming License13,500This includes annual license fees for the Anjouan Gaming License, as well as initial setup charges and the necessary ISP service for compliance backups. The license issuance process typically takes about 2-3 weeks.
Compliance2,500Annual Authorization Fee for Compliance Officer or Key Person (Per Key Individual)   This is associated with the gaming license.

The cost of the Ajouan gaming license is approximately 19,600 EUR, covering a variety of fees and charges. This sum includes the yearly Anjouan Gaming License fees that incorporate both the initial setup fees and necessary ISP service for compliance backups. The license acquisition process typically spans about 2-3 weeks.

Additionally, there’s an annual Compliance Officer/Key Person Authorization fee applicable to each Key Person involved. To ensure regulatory compliance and proper management, Initial Annual compliance and due diligence fees are also required, accommodating up to 4 Directors/Shareholders/UBOs.

In cases with complex structures, additional due diligence fees may apply, typically ranging from €350 to €500 per subject. Taking into account all these elements, the total initial costs for the licensing process come to around 19,600 EUR.

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  • Additional Services: We go beyond just licensing; our assistance extends to helping you with opening bank accounts and payment service providers, streamlining your setup process.

With iGaming Express, you can trust in a competent and experienced partner to facilitate the licensing process and ensure a seamless experience, allowing you to focus on your gaming business’s success.

Anjouan Gaming License Guidelines

Under the On-Line Gaming Act of 2005, licensees in Anjouan are obligated to comply with the law, ensure player safety, prevent money laundering, maintain specified financial ratios, submit periodic reports to the Gaming Board, and promptly notify the board about any significant changes or incidents.

  • The key directives that the licensees (and their officers, employees, or agents) need to comply with include all the mandates laid out in the On-Line Gaming Act, 2005. Licensees can promote their online gaming services in any manner, as long as it does not tarnish Anjouan’s reputation or encourage gambling by minors.
  • To safeguard vulnerable players, including potential compulsive gamblers, Anjouan licensees must put effective procedures in place. They should also provide these players with ample information and support to contact counseling or assistance services. Additionally, they must stay updated with global changes that affect the legality of online gaming, especially in countries where their operations or their players’ participation is expressly prohibited.
  • Financial aspects include adhering to the financial ratios prescribed by the Gaming Board and providing them with reports at predetermined intervals in a set format. Cash transactions related to the accounts are not permissible.
  • To prevent their services from being used for money laundering, Anjouan licensees must follow the procedures set by the Gaming Board, which include player identification, record-keeping, identification and reporting of suspicious transactions, payment processing, and staff training. They must designate a senior employee to serve as the money laundering reporting officer.
  • Licensees must provide the Gaming Board with regular reports on gaming compliance issues. Any changes in the beneficial ownership of the licensee or any related company with a shareholding of 3% or more must be reported within 7 days.
  • If any gaming or gambling licenses have been revoked in any jurisdiction worldwide for reasons other than voluntary actions, the Gaming Board must be notified. Significant incidents or issues that could adversely impact the use of the license or the reputation of Anjouan as an online gaming jurisdiction must be reported to the Gaming Board within 48 hours.
  • The licensees should inform the Gaming Board of any significant changes to the previously provided information that could justify the suspension or revocation of the license. They are also required to attend Gaming Board meetings on reasonable notice for specified purposes and ensure that their system supplier is a suitable business partner.
  • If the renewal fee is not paid by the stipulated deadline, the OFA reserves the right to suspend the license.

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Annual Maintenance and Fee Structure for the Anjouan Gambling License

Each year, there is a need to renew corporate and gaming licenses. The estimated costs for renewal are provided in the table below. Additionally, depending on the extra services required from iGaming Express, there might be other annual charges.

Due Diligence2,200    Annual compliance and due diligence fees (up to 4 Directors/Shareholders/UBOs)   Required as part of ongoing Corporate Governance, License application
Gaming License13,500This includes annual license fees for the Anjouan Gaming License, as well as initial setup charges and the necessary ISP service for compliance backups. The license issuance process typically takes about 2-3 weeks.
Compliance2,500Annual Authorization Fee for Compliance Officer or Key Person (Per Key Individual)   This is associated with the gaming license.

Continuing Support for Year Two and Beyond

After successfully acquiring your Anjouan gaming license and setting up the requisite corporate frameworks, it’s crucial to focus on continuous maintenance.

This encompasses:

  • Yearly reporting
  • Adherence to compliance regulations
  • License renewal fees
  • Other periodic matters that need addressing

As your business expands, you might find it necessary to add more payment accounts, modify your business description, change directors or shareholders, and procure additional licenses to enhance your business portfolio.

iGaming Express will cater to your ongoing maintenance requirements, thereby effectively managing these vital aspects. Leveraging our expertise and understanding of your business, we can offer wide-ranging support for all the above-mentioned tasks and more. Rather than trying to tackle these complexities single-handedly, letting iGaming Express take charge ensures a fluid continuation of support and effective management of corporate and licensing matters.

Furthermore, we provide a maintenance package specifically tailored to meet the needs of all our clients while offering excellent value for money. Our comprehensive services at competitive, fixed rates cover ongoing corporate matters, compliance obligations, and other related issues, thereby facilitating smooth operations and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Benefits of Anjouan Gambling License

  • Universal Company Incorporation: The license can be used for any corporation located outside Anjouan.
  • Access to a Global Market: Possessing a universally acknowledged Anjouan egaming license empowers you to widen your horizons and cater to players globally.
  • Varied Gaming Options: Benefit from the autonomy to present an extensive range of online gambling alternatives such as casino games, sports betting, lotteries, poker, and more.
  • Enhanced Player Trust: Procure a competitive advantage by exhibiting an Anjouan gaming license that augments player trust, backed by a reputable regulatory framework.
  • Brand Reputation: Capitalize on the credibility and recognition attached to an Anjouan gambling license to cultivate a robust brand image in the online gambling industry.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Appreciate the adaptability and expandability granted by an Anjouan gaming license, enabling you to customize your online gambling venture according to your specific needs and growth tactics.
  • Tax Benefits: Avail of Anjouan’s favourable tax regulations that offer competitive tax rates compared to other jurisdictions, leading to increased profitability.
  • Technical Support Expertise: Receive proficient technical assistance and guidance from the licensing authority to aid you in complying with requirements and overcoming technical challenges.

Computer Gaming Licensing Act 007 of 2005

The State of Anjouan Act, also known as the Computer Gaming Licensing Act 007 of 2005, legitimizes online gambling and sets out regulations for businesses offering these services within Anjouan. The Act addresses a variety of topics, including licensing procedures, computer wagering regulations, application procedures for licenses, fee structures, account management, and penalties for offenses.

The Act institutes the Anjouan Computer Gaming Licensing Board, which is responsible for monitoring and regulating entities that provide computer gambling services. The Board has the power to grant licenses, establish regulations, and mediate disputes between license holders and computer users. Any violations of these regulations can result in penalties, including fines or imprisonment.

In order to provide computer gaming services, individuals must secure a license from the Board. The Board can grant licenses to eligible individuals under certain conditions. Prospective licensees must meet specific requirements: they must be at least 18 years old, have a clear recent criminal record specifically for offenses involving dishonesty, be of sound moral character, and not be deemed undesirable by the Board.

License holders are required to maintain bank accounts for managing transactions of computer users. Computer users need to deposit funds into these accounts and are permitted to make withdrawals only through specific methods. There are no limits on the amount of money that can be deposited or wagered, provided that the wagers do not exceed the total funds deposited.

The Act defines the offenses and penalties associated with breaching its stipulations. Providing or aiding in providing computer wagering services without a license can result in penalties, including fines or incarceration. Directors or officers of a corporation may also be held accountable for any offenses committed.

The Board holds the power to revoke licenses issued under the Act if the license conditions are breached. Appeals against such revocations can be made to the Minister. Furthermore, the Act ensures the legal validity of agreements and transactions associated with computer wagering services licensed under its provisions, thereby eliminating any disputes pertaining to illegality or public policy.

Overall, the State of Anjouan Act lays out a comprehensive framework for the licensing and regulation of computer gaming, with an aim to control and facilitate their provision, whilst maintaining the integrity and compliance of the Anjouan gaming industry.

Restricted Countries for Anjouan Gaming License

Are there specific countries where players cannot access online gambling sites licensed in Anjouan?

There are indeed certain countries whose residents cannot play on Anjouan-licensed online gaming sites. The Anjouan gaming license disallows operators from accepting players from the United States, France, Australia, the Netherlands, and Curacao. Beyond adherence to the universal KYC, AML, and CFT regulations that are applicable to all registered online casinos across the globe, there isn’t further oversight. It isn’t the responsibility of Anjouan-based casinos to monitor the registration of players from neutral countries or those accessing the website via VPN.

Countries Restricted by Anjouan Gaming License

The Anjouan Offshore Financial Authority has defined certain markets as prohibited under the terms of its licensing agreement. These territories, marked as restricted, must be blocked via GEO IP technology.

The list includes but isn’t limited to Austria, Belize, Comoros, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Statia, St. Martin, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Additionally, all countries blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) fall under this prohibition. The Anjouan Offshore Financial Authority may also add other jurisdictions to these restrictions as it sees fit.

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What’s the cost of an Anjouan gambling license?

The initial expense of acquiring an Anjouan, Comoros gaming license is around $25,000. In addition, a yearly maintenance fee of roughly the same amount is payable to the regulatory authority.

What’s required to initiate a gambling operation in Comoros?

To start a gambling business in Anjouan, Comoros, you need to register a company and obtain a license first. A Comoros gaming license allows you to legally operate either a brick-and-mortar or online casino, and acts as a testament to the business’s legality and stability. Plus, it plays a key role in fostering trust and loyalty among your prospective audience.

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